I have used ASAP Payroll Service for some years and, quite simply, they save me TIME and MONEY!  There are other reasons I like dealing with Tom and his friendly staff, like eliminating worry and confusion, but those first two are more than enough.  I can recommend ASAP without any reservations.

We have used ASAP Payroll since 1991.  They are, by far, one of the most cost effective payroll companies out there.  Their staff is friendly and efficient.  They are quick to handle any issues without any problems.  We would recommend ASAP Payroll to any business, regardless of size.  Whether you have 2 or 500 employees, they can definitely meet your needs.

As a small business in Indianapolis, I looked for a personal touch when seeking assistance with payroll.  I found that personal touch, and a partner, in ASAP Payroll – a full-service, cost-effective payroll processor.  ASAP blasts by its competitors with its focus on detail, its level of customer service, and its user-friendly platform.  Thank you for everything!

We’ve worked with Tom at ASAP Payroll for a number of years.  They’ve been very responsive to our needs and we’re extremely pleased with the level of customer service we’ve received during that time.  Every time we call, we are helped immediately by a member of a friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive staff.  We couldn’t be more pleased!

We have been very satisfied with ASAP Payroll Service.  Their personal touch and the fact that they are a locally owned and operated business is important to us.  They are never more than a phone call away!

I cannot say enough good things about ASAP payroll!!  When they say ASAP, they mean ASAP.  My client needed payroll set-up quickly, so I decided using a local firm might be the way to go.  They did not disappoint.  We started the process on Monday—we ran the first payroll on Friday.  The onboarding process was painless, and they even helped my client obtain their SUTA and Indiana Withholding numbers (which is often a very time consuming process).  We have run a couple of payrolls since then, and their customer service has been top notch.  Having ASAP Payroll for my client has reduced the need for me to be so involved in the payroll process, which is great because then I can concentrate on the higher level consulting that my client hired me to do